Solvent-free, slightly thixotropic primer, specifically for concrete bases that are damp or without a vapour barrier. Recommended as an adhesion promoter for epoxy mortars and cements like RESIMALTA 205-210-212-250.

Technical Documents

RESICOL 116 is a fluid product, slightly viscous, with a thixotropic behavior up to 1,5 - 2 mm thick, able to adhere perfectly to all building materials because it hardens without shrinkage.
It achieves high mechanical properties and guarantees:

  • excellent adhesion on dry and wet concrete, on brick, stone, steel;
  • excellent dielectric properties (low electrical conductivity);
  • excellent resistance to aggressive chemical reagents (acids and bases) and good resistance to solvents;
  • ease of use thanks to pre-dosed packaging.

It can be applied with spatula, brush, roller or spray

Technical characteristics U.M.
Bending strength> 25N/mm2
Shearing strength (*)> 15N/mm2
Compression elastic modulus~ 5000N/mm2
Adhesion to wood (pine)> 3N/mm2
Adhesion to dry concrete> 4,5N/mm2
Adhesion to damp concrete> 2,8N/mm2
Adhesion to steel3,1N/mm2
Mixture ratio (A + B)100 + 44
Mixture ratio (A + B) with RESICOL 116 FAST comp. B100 + 40

* test carried out on specimen glued with 60° angle

Preparation of the support
Sandblast, hammer, abrade the support to remove friable parts, traces of release oils, grease, paints, cement latex, remove dust with pressurized air and vacuum. The concrete may be damp but must not be saturated, have water stagnation, rising damp (negative pressure) and must in any case be fully cured (28 days).
Application to metals requires careful preparation of the substrate: remove oils, greases, paints and rust by abrasive or blasting with white metal (grade SA 2 - SA 3).

Product preparation
Pour component B into component A according to the weight ratio indicated on the packages. Mix for 3 '- 5' at low speed with a drill fitted with a spiral / propeller so as to incorporate as little air as possible; during this operation, carefully mix the product also on the bottom and on the walls of the package.

Apply with a spatula, brush, roller or spray as needed. Before application, check that the temperature of the substrate and the layers already applied is always at least 3 °C higher than the dew point and that this condition remains at least until the film has hardened to avoid condensation. It is a good rule for applying synthetic resin-based coatings to apply the subsequent coats on the primer which is not perfectly polymerized so as to favor the wettability of the film and the chemical adhesion between the layers, it is also advisable to sow a dust with quartz 0,3-0,9 mm on the fresh primer to increase the specific surface and also favor the mechanical grip. If it is impossible to over-apply within 48 hours it is advisable to proceed as described in the “Preparation of the support” section and then apply the primer again.

The packages are pre-dosed in weight: use component A completely and component B. if you want to fractionate the package, the products must be weighed respecting the ratio A + B indicated on the label and not dosed in volume. Three fundamental rules apply to all two-component systems: weigh well, thoroughly mix the bottom and walls, respect the times of use. Use as a casting joint is only valid for epoxy resin mortars.

By pouring B component into A component, the hardening reaction starts: following mixture the time
available is limited and it depends on the temperature

TemperatureUse (pot-life)hardening
10 °C180'10 hours
20 °C80'4 hours
30 °C35'2½ hours
40 °C15'1½ hours

Minimum hardening temperature: 5°C.

Available in packages (component A + B) of 1,08 and 4,32 kg (standard), 1,05 and 4,2 kg (fast). For the RESICOL 116 AF version, packs of 1,4 and 4,2 kg are available.
In original and closed packages, the product remains unchanged for at least one year if it is kept in an environment with a temperature between 10 and 30 °C.

  • Rigid structural bonding of different building materials, such as concrete, iron, steel, wood, brick, stone, marble, tuff, glass;
  • smoothing and sealing the pores of concrete walls;
  • primer for epoxy mortars: RESIMALTA 204, 205, 210, 220 and 250;
  • adhesive and primer for rounded skirting boards built with RESIMALTA 205/250;
  • impregnation for bonding fabrics and fibers in structural reinforcement with composite materials (carbon fibers, glass, aramid);
  • impregnation of non-woven glass fiber fabric to create laminated coatings in tanks for which high chemical resistance protection is required.

The version of RESICOL 116 called AF has better fire reaction characteristics than the standard version and is suitable for use where there are more stringent demands for fire resistance and reduced flame propagation. RESICOL 116 AF finds its specific application as an adhesion promoting primer within the surface coating cycle for marine equipment called ARDENON before the application of the AUTOMIX FLEX PU flexible screed.