Two component, semi-glossy basecoat with epoxy resin and polyamide hardener base, guaranteeing excellent adhesion to iron, galvanised sheet, aluminium and other metals. Recommended for protecting metal surfaces generally against corrosion and as a basecoat for structures subjected to severe chemical and physical environmental stress.

RESICOLOR 425 is the ideal primer for an epoxy or polyurethane finishing to be applied on a metal because it features excellent adhesion to iron, galvanized metal sheets and alluminium;

  • It ensures excellent protection of metals from chemical corrosion or spark erosion phenomena;
  • Excellent adhesion to iron, galvanized metal sheets, alluminium and other metals with excellent support wettability;
  • Coatings made with RESICOLOR 425 are resistant to abrasion and wear and tear. It also adheres very well to concrete surfaces with excellent waterproofing features.
AppearanceGrey, thickliquid
Viscosity (Brookfield at 23°C)272cP
A + Bmixture ratio100 + 20

Preparation of the support

Sandblast the metal up to SA 2 – 3 degree to achieve ideal adhesion and a cycle with high performance in terms of resistance to saltern fog test.

Preparation of the product

Blend component A alone for a few minuteso; then pour component B into component A and blend at slow speed for 3’ – 5’ using drill with helix/spiral to reduce air inlet as much as possible; during this operation, carefully scrape also the bottom and the sides of the package.


Apply a layer of material in case of dry film thickness between 60 and 80 μm: two layers of product must be applied using roller, brush or spray (with paint gun or airless gun) on a perfectly degreased, clean, rust-free and dry support.


Application is recommended with temperatures between +5°Cand +30°Cand with dry atmospheres (not rainy, nor foggy); Do not apply with temperatures below +5°C, or when there is imminent risk of rain or with high relative humidity, because the product filming process could be discrupted; The product can be diluted with approx. 10 – 15% Resisolv 111; 72 hours after application it is possible to sand-paper before starting to paint.

Time of use or pot life (*)> di 2 hours
Dust free (tack free)
          10 °C
          20 °C

40-50 mins
30-40 mins
Over-application (**)12 hours

(*) it changes according to dilution.
(**) All data refer to an ambient temperature of +20 °C ,50% relative humidity and sufficient; they may change due to thickness and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity).

Approx130 g/m2on sandblaster metal. Approx170 g/m2on concrete

Available in 6 or 30 kgcans (A+B).
If stored in its original, sealed containers in a sheltered place, the product remains unaltered for 18 months if kept in a closed and sheltered environment with a temperature between +10 and +30 Cº.

Primer or bottom layer for anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces in general which are subject to chemical and physical environmental stress before applying RESICOLOR 411-421-421/2-475-480.